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About JaKay Danes

Welcome to the Watts site and our 26 year history of our involvement of the breed.

We purchased our 1st Great Dane as a pet in 1976 who was a lovely blue bitch named "Sugar Bear”. After Sugar passed in 1984 we purchased a fawn bitch from Charles and Becky Chenault. We decided to enter her in a match and she won BOB and took a group 2 in the working group and the rest was history. We were hooked.

This site brings you through our novice years of the 80s, the discovery years of the 90's and the 2000's which were our best years in Danes. Each link gives you a pictorial tour of all our Danes and some history of each dog. Each and every dog we owned and co-owned was very special to us and has given many wonderful memories.

You will notice a special link for "Jewel".  All of our Danes are fantastic, but Jewel was a lifetime dog that will be in our hearts forever as our "greatest Dane" and she deserved a link of her own.

We have always owner handled our dogs and most of our Champions were finished out of the Bred-By -Exhibitor Class. We are both native Texans and reside in Austin.  We are long time members of The Great Dane Club of America, charter member of The Heart of Texas Great Dane club & members of Travis County Kennel club in Austin. We are past members of the Great Dane Club of Greater Houston. 

We have a 24 year old daughter Jessica and a 5 year old grandson Landon. Kay is very talented with her hands and has done many beautiful needlepoint pieces and currently is working on mastering the art of quilting. Jack is an old time avid Houston Oiler/Tennessee Titan football fan and cycles and lift weights to keep in condition.  We are still involved in breeding and showing our own Danes.

Please enjoy our world of Great Danes.


Both Kay and Jack are approved AKC judges in Great Danes since 2007. Both have judged several all breed shows and Dane Specialties. Jack is also licensed in Dobermans and Kay is working to attain provisional status in Boxers. Becoming a licensed & approved AKC judge is one of the most rewarding things we have accomplished in dogs. We consider judging an honor and privilege and encourage and welcome any future assignments